Special Cameras


PANASONIC_AG-HMR10Memory Card Portable-Recorder
A Handheld HD Recorder with HD-SDI Input / Output
Featuring Versatile Operation and Full-HD Images.





Micro Scorpio Head

SLIDER_SPECIAL_CAMERAS_1microscorpioTechnical specifications:

• Weight: 6kg/13,2lb

• Max. payload: 12kg/26,45lb

• Max. payload with cage: 25kg/56lb

• Max. speed: 2,4s/rev

• Power from battery or power supply: from 24V to 35V

• Connection for Scorpio Focus and others lens control systems


• Compact two axes remote head for video and film cameras.

• Independent axes connected by cable.

• The Micro Scorpio Head can be positioned in over slung and under slung mode.

• Mounts avaliable: Mitchell mount, tripodmount, aflatmount, 150mm bowl mountand mountfor JimmyJib crane.

• Both axes can be moved manually to balanceth ecamera.

• Micro Scorpio Head can be controlled from up to 500 meters by cable serie RS485 or by wireless half-duplex microwave 2,4Hz.

• Allaxes (PanandTilt, Focus, Irisand Zoomusing the Scorpio Focus) are programable and repeatable.

• Programmable limits, damping and speed adjustment for all axes available.

• Four control units are available: JDR (PanBar), Joystick, Handheld and Handwheels.

• External hand commands to control lenses and head from different cranes like: JimmyJib, ABC, Felix…

BRADLEY – Remote Camera Panel Mk3

bradley-remotebradley_radioStandard Size
4 Camera control
Multiple camera types
Mutliplexed control data

The Remote Camera Panel from BRADLEY fits into a standard engineering desk with recessed connectors on the underside. It has the familar engineer’s joystick control, dedicated main controls and an assignable menu for multiple other parameters.
The controller can address up to 4 cameras, of different types (Sony, Ikegami, Panasonic, Hitachi, JVC, Bradley, etc.) with up to 99 cameras on a system. Camera type selection is via the menu and internal DIP switches set which 4 cameras are to be addressed. An RD_12 is required at each camera to communicate with each individual type.
Multiple RCPs can be cascaded onto the same data stream which is 9.6k baud, RS485 and can be readily sent via radio, TCP/IP networks or twisted pair cable making this a very flexible controller.

BRADLEY – Multi Function Controller 2

bradley_MFC2_bbradley_MFC2_aThe Multi Function Controller 2 is a natural development of the extremely popular original, which has been available since 2003. The Mk2 retains the familiar, ergonomic layout but with the addition of 3 ‘Hot Keys’ for instant access to any function. The panel is a modern membrane style with contoured buttons – all of which are individually backlit and adjustable. The case is built with custom single-piece extrusions and all edges have been rounded for operator comfort.
Additional inputs and outputs are provided on the back panel including a monitor switching GPIO output and an optional genlock input.
It remains, possibly the most sophisticated remote head and camera controller available with full control of multiple remote heads and built-in CCU functions for multiple camera types.


Lightweight Carbon Fibre
2 Megapixel 0.36” HD MOS Camera
Outputs up to 1080p*
Full black levels control
Low latency
No rolling shutter effect
30:1 optical zoom
Slip Rings
Inverted or Upright Mounting
Rugged and Weatherproof
99 Preset positions P,T,Z,F
Low light sensitive
Switchable to Infra-Red sensitive
Internal Wide Angle Converter options
Smooth iris control

Continuing to build on the success of the CamBall series, the CamBall 3 takes a number of steps forward. Keeping all the features of the original unit but with a higher resolution sensor, better lens and more advanced processing. It retains the full, simultaneous control of Pan, Tilt, Zoom and Focus, with feedback controlled motors for smooth moves, even at the tight end of the lens.

BRADLEY – CBE HD15 – Mini Remote HD Camera

4 Megapixel Full HD MOS sensor
Self contained, all-in-one unit
10 bit HDSDI & Analogue outputs
No ‘Rolling Shutter’ effect
10:1 zoom lens
Machined Aluminium Case
RCP Control Input
Infra-Red sensitive
IP66 option

The BE-HD15 takes small mini cameras a step forward. Built on the 5 year success of the BE_HD10 it is still a miniature, full HD, remote camera with all the Bradley Engineering features of usability, connectivity and control. Fitted with a new sensor and lens package delivers a superior image with higer resolution and better low light sensitivity.


2 Megapixel HD CMOS Camera
HD/SD switchable, PAL, NTSC,
Ultra Wide Lens
Slip Rings
Inverted or Upright Mounting
Rugged and puck resistant
8 Preset positions P,T,Z,F
Multi Channel Radio data receivers
200 deg/sec pan/tilt speed

The Net_Cam 2 is an HD/SD camera system for mounting inside goal nets for Ice Hockey, Soccer, etc. It has fully machined components with Carbon-Fibre & Kevlar protection covers. The lens protection dome is polycarbonate and can also withstand a high degree of impact. Slip rings are fitted to the pan axis enabling continuous 360 degree rotation. The Net_Cam2 can also be mounted inverted. The tilt rotation angle is a total of approximately 270 degrees. This and the slip rings make inverted mounting very straightforward.

BRADLEY – U6_HD Remote Heads

u6The U4_HD, U5_HD and U6_HD Remote Heads are sophisticated remote heads but which should be easily understood and straightforward to set up and operate. They are functionally the same.
The size and internal mechanics are different.

Weight: U4_HD 3.4kg, U5_HD 4.0g, U6_HD 4.6kg
Capacity: 15kg

U4_HD/200; W 298mm, H 250mm, D 98mm, Max width clearance 200mm
U5_HD; W 298mm, H 350mm, D 98mm, Max width clearance 200mm
U6_HD; W 298mm, H 400mm, D 98mm, Max width clearance 200mm

Power: 12 – 24v @ 0.25A (idle) + Camera requirement
Data: RS 485, twisted pair, 1000+ metres
Speed: From 0.1deg/sec to 150deg/sec depending on fitted servos, Fully proportional control.