Established in the seventies (1976) from an intuition of Giovanni Bertini, the company was created to meet the service demands of the emerging commercial television market at the time.
From black and white programs to those broadcast in colour, from analogue to digital TV all the way through to today, with High Definition (HD) televisions.
Today Telerecord is one of the most important companies on the market, and not just in Italy or Europe, for filming and post-television production.
Telerecord in Italy also boasts an important record: it was the first to experiment with digital technology (in 1996), the first to use HD media (in 2004), and the first to film in 3D (in 2007).
These are three firsts that have given Telerecord a leading and prestigious role in national and international television.
The company has currently got Giovanni Bertini’s children at the forefront, Fabio and Rossella, who thanks to their experience acquired in the field and their collaborations with Sony, also deal with the creation of mobile units for high definition television productions.
These are vehicles made with painstaking attention to detail, and are sold worldwide.
Rapid and determined growth, the ability to anticipate the times (already in 1991, it contributed to the spread of pay-per-view sports matches along with Tele+), and significant investments in technology and human resources have enabled Telerecord to have constantly been a landmark of the broadcasting world over the last thirty years.

Telerecord Srl nell’ottica di una continua espansione, organizza dei corsi permanenti di formazione, che si terranno nei locali della propria sede. L’obiettivo dei corsi è gettare le basi per la formazione di professionalità in ambito broadcast.

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